Your child’s Apple ID

ipad_air_medA most important area is instructions on setting up an Apple ID (addressed in the onboarding sessions at the beginning of each year and covered in the instructions on setting up your device). We recommend the use of Family Sharing for younger students, even if they are over 13. Students under 13 must use Family Sharing.

Here is a walk through the process of setting up an Apple ID on an iPad, including Family Sharing. If your child is under 13, use this to set up a parent Apple ID and then create a student ID through Family Sharing. Chev highly recommends this for Year 7 and Year 8 students as the use of a Family Apple ID give parents greater assurance of their child’s on-line safety. A Family ID allows the student access to iCloud and the iTunes Store in a controlled manner. More Instructions are here. Ensure the Ask to Buy feature is turned on for students over 13.

You will need accesss to your own PC or to another iOS device (iPhone or iPad) to use this effectively as you will be managing requests for apps and downloads from your child.

NB: Every student must have an Apple ID, preferably in their school credentials in order to access require apps.